Dental Crowns – Burbank, CA

Protect Damaged Teeth

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the entire body, but it isn’t completely resistant to damage. Teeth can become compromised in a variety of different ways, leaving them vulnerable to additional harm. That’s where dental crowns can help! If you have a tooth that is decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged, a dental crown may be what you need to keep it safe for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about dental crowns and how they work.

Why Choose Dr. Ruiz & Associates Inc. for Dental Crowns?

  • CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns Available
  • Made from Tooth-Colored Ceramic
  • We Welcome Dental Insurance

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns

A dental crown, also called a “cap,” is a dental restoration that is fitted to go over the chewing surface of a damaged tooth. This replaces the lost parts of the tooth and protects any remaining dental structure. Dental crowns can be crafted from a variety of different materials. Dr. Ruiz uses ceramic because of its durability and natural, tooth-like appearance. A dental crown is often recommended for the following situations:

  • Broken tooth requiring additional support
  • Tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • Severe decay being repaired with a large filling
  • Dental bridge in need of support from the adjacent teeth
  • Severely misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Missing tooth being replaced with a dental implant

The Dental Crown Process

Man at the dentist getting X-rays

Having a dental crown placed is relatively straightforward. It is usually completed after just a couple of visits to the dental practice. The first step involves examining your smile to ensure that a dental crown is the best solution for you. Once this is confirmed by your dentist, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed. This creates room for the dental crown to fit comfortably in the mouth and appear natural. Impressions are taken of the altered tooth and sent to the dental lab where your crown will be made.

Until then, we will provide you with a temporary crown. This will protect your teeth and help you become accustomed to how your new dental crown will feel. Once your final restoration is complete, you will return to the practice where it will be adhered with dental cement.

Alternatively, we offer CEREC same-day dental crowns that can be made and placed in just one visit to the dental office. This way, patients can get a new dental crown without having to wear a temporary restoration or worry about scheduling multiple appointments. During your visit, we can discuss which option is right for you.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

Man smiling in the dental chair

There are many benefits you can expect from your new dental crown. Here are just some of the most prominent ones:

  • Feels comfortable
  • Appears natural
  • Customized for you
  • Prevents further damage
  • Can last 15+ years
  • Improves chewing ability
  • Increases confidence