A Pair of Dental Implants and a Bridge Can Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

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Tooth decay can sometimes affect one tooth and influence others causing multiple cavities on nearby teeth. If you are lax in seeking professional dental treatment at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s Studio City, California clinic, the bacterial presence could severely compromise the teeth. In time, it could lead to severe dental fractures and total tooth loss.

In an extreme case, root canal procedures might not be able to effectively treat and restore all the afflicted teeth. To prevent a dangerous infection and ease any related pain, our dentists might recommend completely extracting the teeth and suturing the gums. This could be followed up with a prescription for pain management medication or a course of antibiotics.

When you’re ready, we can help you better understand your dental restoration options. If you want a more permanent solution, than the use of a removable partial, we might recommend using dental implants to mount a bridge.

This involves an outpatient oral surgery, where two titanium abutments are implanted into the structure beneath the void. Once they have bonded with the surrounding bone tissues, the implants will serve as strong anchors for a standard piece of bridgework.

If you live in the Studio City, California area and you have multiple teeth suffering with severe tooth decay, you should call (818) 755-2920 to seek treatment with the dental restoration specialists at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s clinic.