A Fluoride Treatment Can Be Included in Your Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkup

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Attending a regularly scheduled dental checkup every six months at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is very important for maintaining strong teeth and a healthy mouth. This simple outpatient appointment will clean away hardened tartar and other bacterial deposits, as well as polishing away minor dental stains and detecting any oral health problems.

Any active cavities on your teeth may need to be treated and repaired by either installing a dental filling or having Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz perform a dental crown restoration. If there are further concerns about the mineral strength of your tooth enamel, he might recommend administering a simple fluoride treatment.

This simple treatment calls for applying a small amount of concentrated fluoride in gel, varnish, or foam form to the teeth. The fluoride will need to stay on the teeth for few minutes. This will allow the fluoride to fully saturate your teeth.

Afterward, it’s best to avoid eating or drinking for up to half an hour to allow the fluoride to deeply saturate the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.

Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz might also offer a prescription for fluoride supplements, if there are further concerns about the strength of your teeth. This is more likely to be the case if you don’t have easy access to fluoridated water.

If you live in the Studio City, California, area and you have any concerns about your oral health, you should call (818) 755-2920 to schedule a dental checkup at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz.