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Come and see why Burbank dentist Dr. Ruiz DDS is the top choice of people in the entertainment industry and is also a favorite among dentists and their families... this should speak for itself.

The top choice of people in the entertainment industry.

Dr. Ruiz has been responsible for handcrafted smiles in the entertainment industry for over 21 years. His talent at crafting superior smiles using some of the finest hand-picked dental materials has kept his Burbank dental practice in the upper echelons of client and dentist referrals.

Patient Reviews
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" My new 'smile' has changed my life. I can now bite into my 'apple a day!' The first time was so exciting! THANK YOU."
- Mary Bench

“Exceptional craftsmanship”… Is a common phrase used by many Los Angeles dentists and dental professionals throughout the United States to describe Dr. Ruiz. And it’s the best news for people seeking the ultimate in minimally invasive,  aesthetic dentistry. Burbank Dentist Jose-Luis Ruiz DDS is known for his dental artistry and craftsmanship. His practice is also known for excellent service. The words used by patients to describe this dentist in Burbank are very sincere.

I’ve been to Beverly Hills and I can honestly tell you that Dr. Ruiz has superior results – at a fraction of the price. – Kathleen English

Headaches, TMJ Pain: Find Pure Relief 

Dr. J. Luis Ruiz has built a reputation of bringing pure relief to people suffering from headaches caused by muscular, bite and TMJ disorders. Come to his Burbank dental office to begin your journey to relief!

Our Patient Reviews 

We protect the smile of each unique and talented patients. For many of our clientele, their livelihood and public image is directly related to their smiles. We appreciate their trust in us and ask them to tell it like it is.

Watch our patients talk about their experience and beautiful dental restoration with Dr. Ruiz.


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Jose-Luis Ruiz DDS is the entertainment industry’s secret weapon! Get a movie star smile you can wear anywhere.

Whether you’re a celebrity or just a person who wants the very best. Burbank dentist and dental craftsman Dr. Ruiz is a dentist to other dentists, the stars... and can be your dentist today.

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