Unique Insight on Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

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Preventing oral health ailments often requires having effective prevention plans in place. Not only can they help make sure you’re always monitoring your smile to detect any ailments and illnesses that can arise, but they can also help lower your risk for contracting numerous oral health disorders including infectious diseases such as gum disease. When gum disease occurs, it means your gum tissue has been affected. Be aware there are numerous risk factors that can contribute to its arrival.

There are numerous causes and conditions that can give rise to gum disease. However, to help effectively treat gum disease, it is important to limit the risk factors. To be sure though, there are some risk factors for gum disease that you have very little control over. This includes the fact that genetics can make you 6 times more likely to suffer from the illness. Aside from genetics, the presence of diabetes, hormonal changes in your body, and pregnancy can also increase your risk. Thus, it is important to make sure you are taking additional steps to limit other risk factors from further contributing to a rise in the disease.

If you routinely fail to visit your dentist for routine cleanings and checkups, dental damage in the form of gum disease can often go on detected. Furthermore, lifestyle habits can play a key role in risk factors for your smile and can give rise to gum tissue infection. This can include unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco as well as using drugs. Not only can these cause gum disease, but they can give rise to several other ailments. Thus, it is important to remove unhealthy habits from your life. Other significant risk factors for gum disease include medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect and a poor diet.

True oral health happiness thanks to gum disease prevention is easily obtainable as long as you are willing to seek it. Are you ready for gum disease prevention? If so, please call (818) 755-2920 to schedule an appointment with our office in Studio City, California. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz and our expert team are here to ensure you receive the gum disease prevention your smile needs.