The Facts About Thumbsucking

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If you are a parent, you probably understand there are many different things you will need to do for your children. Similarly, there are quite a few things you should teach them to avoid doing. Still, do you know what can you should do about your little one’s thumb sucking habit?

Would you be surprised to learn that thumbsucking is perfectly normal? Still, some parents may try to prevent their child’s thumb sucking by giving them a pacifier when they are young. In fact, children usually start this habit when they are around a year old, but will typically stop by the time they’re four. If your little one does suck their thumb between one and four, you should not expect any serious issues. You may need to help your kids to stop sucking their thumbs after the age of four. If you don’t stop this habit, it could harm the roof of their mouth and even affect how their teeth erupt.

There are a few solutions you can try to help your little one stop sucking their thumb. For example, if you cover their thumb with something bitter or sour, they could be less likely to suck their thumbs. You may also consider using a finger splint. Still, please be aware that children will react poorly to these efforts. In fact, if this happens, your kids might be even more determined to pursue this habit.

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