There is a reason Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is a preferred dentist in Studio City, California, by those in the entertainment and dental industry. He is skilled in creating beautiful, handcrafted smiles and is experienced in offering minimally invasive, supragingival care for healthier teeth and gums. Read the testimonials below to see why so many clients visit Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz for exclusive dental care. We invite you to call our office to leave a testimonial or to schedule your next appointment.

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Lupe – Actress


5starBurbank dental patient Sean Blakemore talks about why he prefers Dr. Ruiz. He talks about how Dr. Ruiz’ dental office in Burbank isn’t designed like a typical dental office. Watch why Sean calls Dr. Ruiz “Dr. Smooth.”

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5starDentist Dr. Mohsen Mir chose Burbank Dentist Dr. Ruiz as his own personal dentist. He explains how Dr. Ruiz treated his TMJ / Occlusal disease with unique techniques. “He’s very well known in our profession for cosmetic dentistry, occlusal disease and TMJ problems.”

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Jim – Business Owner

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Mary – Law Student


5starDr. Amir Esfandiari has chosen Burbank Dentist Dr. Ruiz as his own personal dentist. He explains why he chose Dr. Ruiz due to his handling of complex dentistry and artistic choices in teeth color and use of new dental materials. Dr. Ruiz is one of the top choices by other dentists as their personal dentist because of his minimally-invasive dental techniques.

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Patient Testimonial
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Dr. Celia – Dentist
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Patient Michael W.