At the office of Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, we use the latest technology in the field in order to provide our unique dental care. Not only does our dentist use this equipment with skill, but he actually teaches others how to use it as well. Some of the state-of-the-art equipment at our dental practice in Studio City, California, includes:

• Digital Panoramic X-Rays: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is one of the few dentists who uses the digital panoramic tomography X-rays, a system that produces high-resolution images while reducing radiation exposure by 90%
• Air Abrasion Technology: For quick, painless, drill-less dentistry, our dentist uses air abrasion technology. This stream of air and aluminum oxide particles allows us to easily remove small areas of decay without the need for a local anesthetic.
• Intraoral Cameras: You can see what our dentist sees when he takes digital, colored images of your teeth. Intraoral camera images can be expanded so you and our dentist can take a closer look at your smile.
• Laser Dentistry: This powerful tool offers comfortable, precision dental care. Dental lasers can whiten teeth, remove decay, and they are an excellent choice when working with soft dental tissues.
• Same-Day Onlays and Crowns: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz uses the CEREC system to save his patients both time and money. Using advanced CAD/CAM software, we can make restorations in one appointment so you do not need to wait for several weeks wearing a temporary crown.

Our dentist also offers nitrous oxide, 3D glasses, and massage dental chairs to help patients relax. The technology we use allows us to perform treatments with precision while helping to maintain patient comfort. Call our office in you want to learn more about this technology.