A Pair of Dental Implants and a Bridge Can Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

Tooth decay can sometimes affect one tooth and influence others causing multiple cavities on nearby teeth. If you are lax in seeking professional dental treatment at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s Studio City, California clinic, the bacterial presence could severely compromise the teeth. In time, it could lead to severe dental fractures and total tooth loss. In an extreme case, root canal... read more »

Save Your Smile This Summer with Dental Veneers

Is your smile ready for the festivities that await you this summer? If you want to dazzle your peers, save your smile this summer with dental veneers. Dental veneers are often considered one of the pinnacle achievements of dentistry, as they are highly effective in achieving a smile that nature alone may not ever be able to provide you. Dental... read more »

Dental Implants Can Anchor a Bridge to Restore Multiple Lost Teeth

Two decades ago when dental implants first emerged onto the oral healthcare scene they were primarily used to replace a single missing tooth. As implant technology has continued to evolve, they have not become an effective option for other applications such as securing a new bridge to replace multiple lost teeth. If you have lost bone structure in your mouth... read more »