Shed Some Light on Dental Erosion Prevention

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In order to keep your smile safe from all the risks of tooth hazards in our world, it is important to make sure that you are not only practicing effective tooth hazard prevention plans, but you’re also eating healthy, and cleaning your teeth on a daily basis. One potential tooth hazard that can arise at any time is dental erosion. Dental erosion occurs when plaque and bacteria in your mouth use harmful acids to eat through your tooth enamel.

Keeping your smile safe from the risks of dental erosion often includes making sure you are living a healthy lifestyle, following necessary oral health care treatment plans, eating right, and visiting your dentist for routine examinations and professional cleanings. Furthermore, it is important to avoid the risk factors for dental erosion. This can include numerous factors including environmental and genetic issues. Also, be sure to limit products known for causing dental erosion, including medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect, and extremely sugary or starchy substances.

Sugars and starches are detrimental to your oral health because harmful plaque and bacteria in your mouth can convert these substances into acids capable of chewing through your tooth enamel. For this reason, they should be limited in your diet at all times. As an alternative, consume enamel-building minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Furthermore, by brushing and flossing on a daily basis, you can help keep your smile safe from the risk of dental erosion. Saliva is also essential to protect your smile as it can wash away harmful acids capable of chewing through tooth enamel.

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