Oral Piercings: What you Should Know

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Do you want to get an oral piercing? Do you ever wonder how these piercings could affect the health of your mouth? Sadly, these piercings can actually have a fairly significant impact on your teeth. Furthermore, would it surprise you to hear that these oral piercings might actually lead to fairly serious problems?

In reality, when you pierce your mouth–regardless of the part of your oral cavity that you have pierced–you could actually experience chipped or cracked teeth. Your teeth could actually hit your piercing fairly often, resulting in cracks. A chipped tooth may not seem like a serious problem, but would you be surprised to hear that a cracked tooth can actually cause many different dental issues—such as sensitive teeth, cavities, and gum disease?

Your piercing itself could also cause several problems. Having your tongue or mouth pierced will leave you more vulnerable to serious infections. These different infections can be fairly serious and could cause swelling. If you experience swelling, you may have a difficult time breathing. Moreover, the jewelry that may be attached to your piercing could harbor bacteria and germs. Unfortunately, this could leave you more susceptible to even more illnesses.

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