My Child Has a Missing Tooth. What Should I Do?

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It’s normal for children to lose their teeth. It’s a part of life. However, if your child loses a permanent tooth, that’s a different story. Missing a permanent tooth can be very harmful and damaging to your child’s smile, which is why you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, has a variety of tooth-replacement options that can fill the gap in the smile and restore the oral health.

The first option is orthodontics. This involves your dentist using an orthodontic appliance to close the gap. This means the appliance will add pressure to the surrounding teeth and move them into the gap. Your child will have one less tooth to work with, but they shouldn’t notice any related problems or complications.

The second option is a dental implant. This restoration is strong, reliable, and permanent. It involves your dentist screwing a titanium post into the underlying bone. Then, he will attach an abutment, which will alter hold a dental crown in place. This is a great way to replace a missing tooth and achieve natural-looking and natural-feeling results. However, this is only a viable treatment option if your child’s jaw is completely grown.

The third option is a partial denture. This appliance is a removable replacement tooth that clings to the surrounding natural teeth. The natural teeth will have clasps that the appliance can click into. This might be a fun restoration for your child because they’ll be able to take the tooth out of place whenever they want, which can scare or even impress their friends.

For more information and details about how to replace your child’s missing tooth in Studio City, California, please call Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz at (818) 755-2920 and schedule an appointment. It’s best if our dental team examines your child’s smile and determines the best course of action. We look forward to helping you and your child!