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Your tooth enamel is meant to be strong enough to bite and chew most foods. However, there are times when something like a blow to the face, grinding your teeth, or nibbling on foreign object can chip a tooth. Even if the chip doesn’t cause pain, it might still trap food particles and bacteria, causing tooth decay. The severity of the chip will largely determine the treatment method that your dentist, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, recommends.

If you don’t feel any pain or sensitivity in the tooth, it probably means the chip is limited to the tooth enamel. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz might be able to repair it with a simple filling or if it’s on a tooth in your smile, he might recommend a porcelain dental veneer.

A sharp or persistent pain in a chipped tooth likely means that damage has penetrated deep into the tooth, exposing the dentin, pulp or root of the tooth. In a situation like this, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz might need to perform a root canal to replace the damaged part of the tooth and restore the entire enamel layer with a dental crown.

If you have just chipped a tooth in Studio City, California, you should call Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz at 818-641-5577 to explore your options for repairing it.