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Consistent oral hygiene habits include a variety of factors. Brushing each morning and evening as well as remembering to thoroughly floss at least once a day helps remove plaque and bacterial deposits from your teeth. Attending your routine dental checkups twice each year will further help to clean your teeth and monitor your mouth for any early signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

If you take a relaxed stance with your oral hygiene routine, your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease can significantly increase. As tartar builds up near the gumline, you might notice that your gums bleed easily and look inflamed. These early signs of gingivitis can sometimes include issues with chronic bad breath.

With early diagnosis from a dentist like Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz might be able to treat a case of gingivitis by performing a comprehensive dental cleaning or other treatment.

After all traces of tartar and bacterial deposits have been extricated he will help you understand the necessary improvements you need to make in your oral hygiene habits to prevent future problems with gum disease.

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