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Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz and our team are pleased to offer root canal treatment to treat an infected tooth pulp or root so that infection doesn’t have to cost your tooth. Unfortunately, root canal treatment has been rumored to be an unpleasant procedure that results in sickness and is not as efficient as full tooth replacement. Research has provided significant evidence to reveal that modern technology has greatly improved root canals and enabled them to be convenient and tooth saving.

To help you have a healthy and comfortable smile, we will work with you to determine which type of dental restoration is ideal for your smile. A root canal procedure involves many important steps that are performed so that your tooth can be properly protected:

– To keep the treatment area clear, we can use a rubber dental dam that surrounds the tooth and blocks it off so that it stays clean and dry throughout the process.

– Upon accessing the inner tooth structure, we can then remove the areas of diseased tooth pulp and clean the root canal area so that it is left dry and hygienic. A thorough application of antimicrobial solution further eliminates lingering bacteria to keep the tooth in good health.

– The missing tooth pulp then needs to be replaced so that the tooth chamber is filled, and we can do so with a rubbery substance known as gutta-percha. While the tooth is eventually covered with a permanent dental crown to restore its function, you may need to wear a temporary dental filling until the crown is created and ready to be placed.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz at 818-641-5577 today if you feel you would benefit from root canal treatment in Studio City, California, and would like to meet with our dentist and team.