How Can CEREC® Dental Crowns Improve Your Dental Experience?

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Have you heard about the wonders of same-day dentistry resulting from the use of CEREC® technology? Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is pleased to offer CEREC to provide our patients with permanent dental crowns in as little as one appointment in order to repair broken or damaged teeth as quickly as possible. You may find that CEREC technology is the key to achieving the smile you want without spending long periods of time in the dental chair. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of CEREC, such as its aesthetic nature and simple creation process.

If you were to look at a CEREC dental crown, you would find that it looks like a traditional crown and is designed to cover the whole tooth from gum line to tip. Dental crowns are meant to protect teeth and improve their appearance. One of the reasons CEREC differs from traditional crowns is because its crowns can be fully customized right in our office, ensuring your dental restoration has the desired size, color and shape in just one visit without having to send it back to a dental lab for adjustments.

CEREC technology also greatly reduces the number of steps required to place a dental crown, and can eliminate the use of temporary dental crowns altogether because there is no need to wait for an off-site dental lab to create the final crown from an impression of your smile. In as little as one visit to our office, you can receive an extremely durable crown that provides up to a decade of use before it is in need of any repairs.

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