First-Aid and Treatment for Removing an Object Stuck in Your Gums

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Your gum tissues are significantly softer than your teeth. If you have a bad habit of using your teeth as if they were tools, or if you sometimes nervously nibble on pencils and pens, a fragment could break off and become stuck in your gums.

In a moment like this, some basic first-aid measures might help you to safely remove the item or assess the need for professional treatment from a dental professional, such as our dentist, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz. Even if you are experiencing significant distress, it’s best to remain calm.

You should never use a toothpick or some other pointed tool to pry the object loose from your gums. This could injure your gums or potentially chip one of your teeth.  

Waxed dental floss is often the most effective way to remove something that is stuck between the teeth or at the gumline. The waxy coating allows the strand to slide gently between the teeth and work around whatever is stuck. You should never try to force the dental floss into place, as this could potentially force the object further into your gums.

In many cases where the periodontal tissues have been significantly harmed, you will need to seek professional treatment. If you are in the Studio City, California, area, and if you need help removing something from your gums, you should call (818) 755-2920 and set up an emergency appointment at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz.